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Translation Majors of the School of International Culture and Communication Attend the 2024 Multilingualism Conference of the University of Essex, UK

Recently, the 2024 Multilingualism Conference hosted by our partner institution, the University of Essex, UK, was held in Essex. The conference brought together experts, scholars, and outstanding students from various language backgrounds in fields such as translation studies and sociology. Three translation majors of Class 2021 of BCU, Ms.Yang Yukun, Ms.Xu Ruoyan, and Mr.Su Bozhe, participated in the conference online and delivered keynote speeches on the themes of Guo Chao (Chinese fashion trend) and Tea Culture respectively.

The three students, with their fluent English expression skills and profound cultural understanding, showcased the unique charm and deep connotations of Chinese traditional culture to the participants, winning approval from the attendees. The conference adopted a consecutive interpreting approach, where the Essex University interpretation team provided language support to speakers from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. Through this activity, BCU students enhanced their language proficiency and translation skills, gaining a deep appreciation of language as a cultural bridge.