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BCU has several libraries, with a total floor area of more than 18000 square meters, nearly 2 million paper books, 1.3 million e-books and 4.4 million dissertations. There are more than ten database platforms of accessible electronic resources, including CNKI, Superstar e-book, Founder, etc., plus hundreds of Chinese periodicals, Western periodicals, newspapers and so on.

Haidian Campus Library

The Haidian Campus Library is located on the left side of the main building in the campus, with a building area of about 5300 square meters. The entity includes two underground floors and five overground floors.

The functions of the library are relatively complete, which are arranged from bottom to top according to the utilization rate. The first floor is a library borrowing and returning hall for readers to read new books and self-study. The second floor is an electronic reading room. The third floor is a periodical newspaper reading room. The second and third reading rooms are multi-functional reading rooms with digital information, self-study and reading. On the fourth floor, there is the circulation desk and newspaper inquiry desk, which is convenient for readers to inquire about the newspapers and magazines that are off the shelves.

Shunyi Campus Library

The Shunyi Campus Library is located on the southeast of the campus. It is a four-story independent building with a floor area of 8500 square meters.

The first floor is equipped with a storage cabinet, a book retrieval and inquiry machine, a newspaper reader; the second floor is a an opening area for book borrowing and returning, plus a stack room; the third floor is a periodical, newspaper, reference book reading area; and the fourth floor is a self-study area.The library can accept more than 700 people to study at the same time.