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BCU lays emphasis on broadening teachers’ and students’ international horizon, and has entered into partnerships with more than 40 universities across nearly 20 countries and regions. Through various forms of international collaboration and academic exchanges, BCU is continuously enhancing its internationalization level.

In order to better promote the cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world, we have jointly established 2 Confucius Institutes in the Republic of San Marino, Europe and the United Mexican States, North America respectively.

International exchange programs have been established in the target countries and regions for BCU students in various discipline programs. Meanwhile, an array of students are awarded financial aid every year to expand their academic and cultural scope. With the advantages of being close with the industry, BCU has established a joint program with the University of Warwick, UK, in 2014, on Project and Programme Management, targeting on cultivating experienced project managers by providing top teaching resources. Most of students in this program are senior managers from various industries.

Furthermore, BCU has been recruiting international students since 2015. Now every year, students come from different countries to study in BCU for a short or long period of time.