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Incoming Students — Study at BCU

Students have been coming to BCU on short term or full academic year study for credit ever since 2015. BCU starts from offering featured summer camp in Traditional Chinese Medicine and now expanding to Arts, Business, Pre-school Education, Architecture, and Social Work. BCU starts recruiting full-time international students since 2019 majoring in Traditional Chinese Medicine on master level. The University has so far recruited over hundreds of international students over the past five years. Now, BCU offers Chinese language courses for partner university students to take before they enroll into the credit programs.

Outgoing Students – Studying Abroad

BCU has tailored various international exchange programs for our students and teaching faculties to acquire a global vision.

Currently, we have different length of programs for students to participate. From one-week to one academic year, students shall choose those programs depending on their language proficiency, financial budget or interest. BCU makes sure that the credits they take in our partner universities will be recognized in BCU and will be part of our their degree.

Except short-term program (within four weeks), in collaboration with our partner universities, BCU also offers a variety of international transfer programs, such as Dual-degree Programs, Double Master’s Degree Programs, Pathway Programs etc. Most of programs provide practice session for students to have more hands-on activities or practical training.