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Sancai Boxing Learning Activity for the foreign faculty



Sancai boxing activity was arranged for the foreign teachers recently.

At the event, Dr. Chen Yunhua from the School of Biomedicine gave the performance and explanation for the foreign teachers. Sancai Boxing was created by Dr. Chen on the basis of martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine, combining Kung fu with traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Chen conducted for more than ten years of research to alleviate the physical problems of cervical spondylosis. Then the foreign teachers carried out the learning exercise in pairs. The foreign teachers expressed that they not only learned the basic skills of Sancai Boxing, but also have an immersing learning of the extensive and profound Chinese culture.

This activity has enriched the extracurricular cultural life of foreign teachers and enhanced the cultural exchanges. The International Affairs Office will continue to hold more cultural exchange activities to provide more opportunities for foreign faculty to learn more about Chinese culture.