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School of International Culture and Communication (SICC) held a professional lecture on "Introduction to AI Painting and AI Video Production"

On March 28, the Animation (Japanese International Course) major of SICC invited the experts in the field of AI animation, Professor Zhang Junformer deputy Dean of the Animation Department of Communication University of China and Ms. Wu Di, to share a wonderful lecture on "Introduction to AI Painting and AI Video production" for teachers and students of the department.

Zhang Jun narrated the development process of AI in various fields of current art creation, showed the cases of AI creation, such as illustration works generated by text prompt words, and explained the operation of AI tool software in detail. Wu Di talked about the AI generation logic, the genres of generating AI models, and their respective advantages and disadvantages. The two teachers mentioned that in the era of rapid development of AI, people must have more professional skills, such as technical ability, solution ability, aesthetics and aesthetic vision, learning and adaptability, good communication skills, and creativity.

This lecture helped teachers and students to better understand the content of AI creation, and also laid the foundation for preparing for the new technological revolution.