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Faculty and Student Team from the School of Art Design won the Platinum Award at the 2024 Muse Design Awards in the United States

Recently, the winners of the 2024 Muse Design Awards in the United States were announced. A work by students majoring in industrial design from School of Art Design of BCU received the highest honor at the 2024 Muse Design Awards—the Platinum Winner. This award for the work Folding Cassette Oven follows their previous success in winning the 2023 German Red Dot Design Award, showcasing commitment to using discipline competitions to enhance the quality and level of undergraduate teaching of the school, focusing on cultivating students' practical and innovative abilities.

Work Title: Folding Cassette Oven

Award: 2024 Muse Design Award - The highest award in the product group-Platinum Winner

Designers: Ms.Wang Jingyi (Industrial Design, Class of 2020), Mr.Cui Runfeng (Industrial Design, Class of 2021), Ms.Wang Shuyu (Product Design, Class of 2021), Ms.Cai Qing (Product Design, Class of 2022)

Supervisor: Pro.Qiu Qi

Design Description: This is a folding cassette oven designed for family outdoor leisure activities, featuring easy portability, simple operation, and a stylish appearance. Traditional cassette stoves have exposed burners and grates, which are not only unsafe but also unattractive. The newly designed box stove has the smallest volume and the simplest appearance on the market. Its unique external shape and rotating structure make it easy to open and close. When stored, the burner and grate are perfectly hidden inside the box, giving it a clean and elegant overall look. During use, rotate the burner 180 degrees and then open the grate stand for efficient and effortless operation.

The Muse Design Awards were established in 2015 and are among the most prestigious and influential international awards in the global creative design community. Emphasizing aesthetics and functionality, the Muse Design Awards recognize outstanding achievements in various design fields such as architecture, interior design, product design, landscape design, lighting design, and packaging design. Participants from around the world showcase innovative works that inspire and redefine the realms of design and creativity.