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Teachers' Research Projects of School of Art Design Recognized with Excellence by Beijing Association of Higher Education

Recently, the Beijing Association of Higher Education held its annual board meeting and working conference for the year 2024, where they recognized the research achievements funded in 2021. Following expert evaluation, two projects from the School of Art Design were identified as outstanding research outcomes in general projects.

Professor Qin Xuping's team worked on the project Research and Practice on the Construction of Visual Communication Design Curriculum System in the Context of New Liberal Arts with project number YB202159. The team members included Pro.Qin Xuping, Pro.Zhang Ning, Mr.Guo Yu, Ms.Yang Xiao, Mr.Lu Shuo, Mr.Wang Shuhao, Ms.Wang Jianhua, and Ms.Wu Yaoyao.

Associate Professor Yang Zhenyu's team conducted the project Research on the Implementation Path of Ecological Civilization Education in Environmental Design Profession with project number YB2021192. The team members were Pro.Yang Zhenyu, Pro.Liu Feifei, Pro.Huang Zhihong, Pro.Yin Yue, and Ms.Xie Cuiqin.

School of Art Design places great emphasis on the integration of curriculum development and theoretical research. The awarded achievements fully demonstrate the collaborative spirit and academic research capabilities of the faculty's teaching team. The Beijing Association of Higher Education is a mass academic organization jointly initiated by higher education institutions in Beijing and the Beijing municipal higher education administrative department, engaging in scientific research in higher education. BCU serves as a vice-chairing unit of the society, actively participating in the society's research and social work activities over the long term.