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The 40th Student Athletics Meeting was Successfully Held at Beijing City University

With the spring light as a prelude and new chapters unfolding, the 40th Student Athletics Meeting of Beijing City University was successfully held on April 26 and 28 at the Shunyi campus. University leaders and directors of various schools attended the opening ceremony.

Pro.Qin Shiyou,Vice Chair of University Council and Vice President of BCU, delivered the opening speech. He noted that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of BCU expressing his hopes that everyone would demonstrate the spirit of unity, friendship, and progress in the competition, achieving high standards and distinctive styles to honor the 40th anniversary.


Pro.Gong YuChair of the University Council of BCU, officially inaugurated the sports meeting. Representatives of athletes, referees, and volunteers solemnly took their oaths.


At the opening ceremony, colorful flags fluttered and drums echoed, as the youth of BCU approached with passion and creativity, their spirits as powerful as a dragon soaring and lions dazzling with their skills, creating a lively atmosphere on site.




This sports meeting was divided into two groups: university students and high school students, with over 1,700 athletes from 23 teams competing in 26 events. In addition to traditional track and field events, fun activities such as rope jumping, basketball shooting, shuttlecock kicking, land dragon boat, and concentric drums were also included. The participants competed bravely, fully displaying the youthful, sunny, and healthy spirit of BCU students.




After fierce competition, the School of Economic Management team won first place in the university group, while the Schools of Education, Biomedicine, Information Technology, International Culture and Communication, and Performing Arts secured the second to sixth places respectively. The Schools of Art Design, Economic Management, Information Technology, Biomedicine, Urban Construction, and Graduate School were awarded the Spirit of Civilization Prize; the Schools of Performing Arts, Fine Arts and Crafts, Graduate Studies, Education, International Culture and Communication, and Public Management received the Best Organization Award.

In the high school group, Class 1 of 2021 Preschool Education won first place in total score, followed by Class 2 of 21 Primary Education and Class 2 of 2021 Preschool Education in second and third places respectively. Classes from 2023 Preschool Education, 2022 Preschool Education, 2023 Digital Art Design, 2022 Preschool Education, and 2023 Primary Education ranked fourth to eighth in total score; various classes were also honored with the Spirit of Civilization Prize.