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Beijing City University Holds a Special Training on Artificial Intelligence Generated Content(AIGC) Empowering Innovation in Higher Education

To keep pace with the continuous changes and developments in new technologies and enhance teachers' ability to use information technology to improve education, teaching, and management, on March 29th, BCU held a special training session on Artificial Intelligence Generated Content(AIGC) Empowering Innovation in Higher Education. Pro. Li Qi, the Vice President of Product Research at Huike Education Group and the Deputy Dean of BCU Alibaba Cloud Big Data Academy, was invited to give a special report. Pro.Tan Ting, the Director of the Human Resources Office, presided over the training session. The main venue for the training was set up at the Zhongguancun Innovation Think Tank Center, with sub-venues at the Shunyi Campus and the Hangtiancheng Campus. All teaching staff and some personnel from functional departments attended the training.

Starting from the development history of AIGC and combining application cases of AIGC in creating text and image content, Pro.Li elaborated on the opportunities and challenges brought by AIGC technology to higher education innovation. He also put forward prospects and suggestions for the application of AIGC in personalized learning, course content and resources, student assessment and feedback, research and academic work, teaching methods and strategies, and other aspects of higher education.

This training provided teachers with a new perspective on using new technologies such as AI to empower education and teaching. Everyone gained a more comprehensive understanding of AIGC and its applications, as well as a deeper understanding of the new challenges brought to higher education by new technologies and new concepts. BCU will continue to launch related training to further improve the digitalization and intelligence level of education and teaching, and provide strong support for achieving high-quality talent cultivation.