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The Design Innovation Enabling Smart City Development Forum of the 2023 Beijing International Design Week was successfully held at BCU

Supported by the Beijing International Design Week Organizing Committee Office, guided by the Beijing City University and the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, and organized by School of Art and Design of BCU and the Beijing Creative Design Association, the Design Innovation Enabling Smart City Development Forum took place at the Zhongguancun Innovation Think Tank Center. Pro.Hu Liqin,Vice President of BCU, Professor Wang Limin, Dean of the School of Art Design, Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Youth Federation, and Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Beijing Creative Design Association, attended the forum and delivered speeches. The forum was hosted by Dr. Li Wenjing, Associate Professor of the School of Art Design.

During the forum, six experts in the field of urban construction and design, including Mr.Pan Zhitao, a master of arts and crafts in Beijing, former Level One Designer at Beijing Gongmei Group. Pro.Xiao Hong, a representative of the 10th National People's Congress and a second-level professor at the School of Architecture and Art of North China University of Technology, Pro.Chen Meng, Deputy Director of the Digital Center of Beijing Urban Planning and Design Research Institute, Mr.Yang Su, Chief Architect and Senior Engineer of the Sixth Architecture Design Institute of Beijing Institute of Architecture Design, Pro.Zhang Jixiao, Chairman of the China Agricultural and Forestry University Design Alliance and former Dean of the School of Art and Design of Beijing Forestry University, and Song Weizu, Deputy Director of the Cultural Committee of the Central Committee of the Democratic League, Founder of the Beijing Design Institute, and Senior Industrial Designer, delivered wonderful speeches. The keynote speakers explored the cross-integration of design and art disciplines in urban construction from different perspectives, summarized the practical achievements and theoretical breakthroughs of technology aesthetics in urban construction innovation and development. It strengthened the development of universities’ academic exchange and humanities education construction, providing new paths and methodological support for the in-depth exploration of art + technology design teaching in the School of Art and Design.

In her speech, Pro.Hu Liqin introduced the unique advantages of BCU and the large number of outstanding talents cultivated for urban construction, cultural creativity, and the design industry over the years. She emphasized the significance of hosting this forum for design education and the design industry, and hoped that through the exchange of design concepts and design services, it could better support the construction of Beijing's urban environment and create a good academic environment for design education.

Pro.Wang Limin mentioned that how to better integrate urban construction with art and design in order to improve China's urban innovation level will become an important research direction in the design industry for a long time to come. He hoped that this forum could serve the new development pattern of Beijing, promote the high-quality development of design services and talent cultivation, contributing to the construction of the Four Centers in Beijing.

The 2023 Beijing International Design Week, with the theme of Open Innovation, focuses on design serving technological breakthroughs, design serving cultural development, and strengthening the education and training of new era design talents. As part of the 2023 Beijing International Design Week, this forum, themed Innovative Design for Smart Cities, promotes high-level interactions, combining academic research with international trends and industrial development. It aims to create a platform for the collision of design thinking and intelligent communication.

Leaders and guests attending the forum also included Mr.Ma Jiangtao, Vice Chairman of the Beijing Creative Design Association, Ms.Wang Mengmeng, Secretary-General of the Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Association, Mr.Li Jie, Executive President and Editor-in-Chief of Design magazine, and Pro.Zhou Junliang, Dean of the Department of Art and Design at Beijing University of Chemical Technology.Nearly 200 teachers, students, leaders, and guests attended this forum.