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Representatives of the Confucius Institute at the University of Guadalajara were invited to attend the Guadalajara Foreign Song Contest

On April 23rd, the Foreign Song Contest organized by the University of Guadalajara was held in the Auditorium of Guadalajara University, with 18 groups of bands (musicians) from the University of Guadalajara and its affiliated high schools taking part in it. The Chinese Director of Confucius Institute at the University of Guadalajara, Ms. Wei Shuhua, and the Foreign Executive Director of Confucius Institute, Ms. Pan Zhimei, were invited to act as the jury members, and in addition, two other teachers of the Confucius Institute were also invited to take part in the activity.

The theme of this song contest is "The Rhythmic World 2024", which is one of the important activities of the Foreign Language and Cultural Festival of the University of Guadalajara. The Academic Affairs Office of the University of Guadalajara and the Office of Events and Culture, as the organizers of the contest, closely contacted with the Confucius Institute before the contest, and both sides jointly discussed on the following arrangements for the collaborative cultural activities of this year.

At the Song Contest, contestants sang songs in Chinese, English, French and German. The audience was impressed by the energetic and creative performances of the students, and the Chinese song Point to the moon with the left hand presented by the students from the Affiliated No.9 High School of the University of Guadalajara was full of Chinese traditional and classical features. Two teachers from the Confucius Institute presented unique dance performances to the audience: Li Xueming's vigorous sword dance performance and Huang Yanxiao's graceful Tang Dynasty classical dance won the cheers of all the audience present.

After a fierce competition, the Chinese song performed by the students of the No.9 High School won the first place in the competition and the head of the high school and their Chinese teachers had a conversation with the representatives of the Confucius Institute after the competition. The Confucius Institute's high school courses have now been introduced to 32 high schools affiliated to the University of Guadalajara, and some of the students of No.9 High School have been taking high school Chinese courses of the Confucius Institute and actively participated in various competitions and cultural activities organized by the Confucius Institute.

In 2024, the Confucius Institute will continue to closely contact with the University of Guadalajara and the affiliated high schools to promote Chinese language education and various cultural activities.