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Beijing City University(BCU)is a comprehensive university officially approved by Chinese Ministry of Education. BCU has achieved the sanction of granting graduate and undergraduate degrees recognized by the state, while maintaining higher vocational education qualifications and enrollment of foreign students.

Founded in 1984, BCU is the first new-type university in the public-owned and non-governmental system since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, renowned for its innovation and vitality and widely honored as a banner of Chinese higher education reform. Since its establishment, BCU has adhered to public benefit and market-oriented principles with the characteristics of application and practice to serve for the objectives of regional development, sticking to the pathway of “undergraduate education at the core, school management by law, development with high quality and prosperity through distinguishing features” and implementing the philosophy of “suitable, holistic, effective and practical education”. BCU is fully committed to creating a high-level university and high-quality talents.

Through its arduous pioneering and unremitting endeavor, Beijing City University has become a comprehensive university with several campuses; over 70 specialties under the disciplines of Science, Engineering, Arts, Law, Finance, Economics, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Management and others; over 21,000 full-time students and 2,000 teaching and administrative staff. The university library has a collection of nearly 2 million books. BCU boasts more than 100 laboratories and training workshops, well-equipped infrastructure of stadiums and student apartments, and quick and easy access to campus networks.

BCU has an excellent teaching staff of full-time teachers complemented by the part-time ones. Its full-time teachers are composed mainly of professors, associate professors and those with PhD degrees from famous universities at home and abroad, with the academic and industry experts at the core, including dozens of national or provincial experts, distinguished instructors, youth core teachers and English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese teachers from all over the world. Its invited part-time teaching staff is composed of excellent teachers from famous universities or scientific research institutes and engineers, entrepreneurs, and technician experts from industrial sectors. The diversity of its faculty resources brings distinctive features and constantly enhanced quality to our education and teaching.

BCU attaches great importance to practical scientific research and social services. BCU has established research institutes and bases of social construction, city management, city economy, educational development, information security and others at the university or municipal levels and ranks high in many fields among the same kind of colleges and universities in China. The academic papers, works and other achievements in scientific research of its teachers are constantly awarded national, provincial and municipal prizes. BCU develops community education, professional training, management consultation, technology transfer and voluntary services to the public and positively spread advanced culture.

BCU lays emphasis on broadening teachers’ and students’ international horizon, and has been committed to alliances with more than 50 colleges and universities abroad. Through various forms of international collaboration and academic exchanges, BCU is continuously enhancing its internationalization level.

BCU endeavors to cultivate a large number of application-oriented talents to serve for economic development and social construction and to nurture a group of high-quality elite in the fields of City Management, City Construction, City Economy, City Culture, and City Services. BCU attaches importance to the market demand in setting specialties, to students’ practical abilities in training, to the active role of environment in education, and to the role of culture in shaping students’ personalities.BCU has achieved high-quality employments of its graduates by high-quality education. Its graduates are famous among employers for their good adaptability, many practical capabilities, and high comprehensive quality. BCU is proud to maintain the employment rate of graduates at over 98 percent for more than 10 years consecutively and has remained on the top among all the colleges and universities. A large group of its graduates have grown into important figures in their industries.