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School of International Culture and Communication Invited to 2024 Alibaba International Station Opening Ceremony and School-Enterprise Cooperation Seminar

On March 15 and 16, in order to deepen industry-university cooperation and promote the cultivation of integrated talents in foreign language majors, Zhang Xinyuan, Deputy Director of the School of International Culture and Communication, and Li Xuewei, head of the English (business) major, were invited by Alibaba International Station to attend the annual opening ceremony of core businesses in the Northern region of Alibaba International Station and the School-Enterprise Cooperation College Seminar on the integration of industry and education in cross-border e-commerce Community.

The event brought together more than 500 core businesses in the north of Ali International Station, invited experts from the Ministry of Commerce and Ali International Station, CEOs of top overseas enterprises, etc., to analyze the high-quality growth path of foreign trade and help foreign trade enterprises grasp new opportunities of industry growth. At the same time, combined with artificial intelligence technology, the school and enterprise jointly explore the innovation path of talent training on foreign language digital trade.

During the event, Zhang Xinyuan presented the letter of appointment of enterprise mentor to the general managers of Beijing Weiwushangpin International Corporate Culture Development Co., LTD., Beijing Sano Optoelectronic Technology Development Co., LTD., and Beijing Smart Idea Information Technology Co., LTD., further strengthening the school-enterprise cooperation. As a representative of the university, Zhang Xinyuan accepted an exclusive interview with Ali, shared the cooperation experience between the English major of BCU and Ali International Station, and showed the efforts and achievements of our school in training foreign language digital trade talents.

On March 16, Zhang Xinyuan and Li Xuewei participated in the Northern University Symposium on the integration of production and education of cross-border e-commerce in the International Station in the Binjiang Park of Alibaba headquarters, and jointly discussed with representatives of more than ten universities how to strengthen the integration of industry and university and to deepen the training of foreign language digital trade talents in the era of artificial intelligence.

This event has promoted the cooperation of foreign language majors with the industry and enterprises and has brought enlightenment for exploring the integration model of industry and university and improving the quality of talent cultivation. The School of International Culture and Communication will continue to deepen cooperation with Alibaba International Station and leading merchants, optimize the cultivation of foreign language digital trade talents, and give support to Beijing's industrial development.