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International Affairs Office organized themed lectures on traditional Chinese medicine for international students

Recently, International Affairs Office invited Prof. Chen Yunhua, Prof. Chen Yuping, Prof. Qin Wen and Prof. Chu Hang from School of Biomedicine to deliver the themed lectures on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for international students.

During the lectures, students explored the mystery of "Healthy Kongfu" under the guidance of Prof. Chen. And through the lecture on acupressure, students learned the basic philosophy of TCM for the human body, and also experienced traditional Chinese therapies such as cupping and moxibustion. In the class of hawthorn pills making craft, students learned the TCM philosophy of Medicines in Food" and experienced making hawthorn pills. And in another lecture, the teacher also introduced to the students the historical background and production methods of scented sachets and moxa sticks, and students managed to make beautiful and practical scented sachets by themselves.

The culture of TCM is extensive and profound, and is the cultural treasure of Chinese nation. International Affairs Office organized the series of lectures on TCM for international students, aiming to let them initially understand the social value of TCM in serving public health.