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San Marino Confucius Institute holds a series of teaching seminars

In order to help the volunteer teachers to be qualified for the task of Teaching Chinese language as soon as possible and take the mission of cultural exchange, SAN Marino Confucius Institute organized a series of teaching seminars in the new semester. Ms. Guo Xiaoxia, Director of the Confucius Institute, foreign staff and all volunteer teachers participated in the activities.


The teaching seminars are divided into several modules, such as teaching material research, teaching design, teaching practice, cultural integration, effective communication and so on. The volunteer teachers understood the importance of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, steadily improved the quality of teaching, enriched the depth of the class, and gradually learned to use Italian as auxiliary instructional language.


The Chinese language class is the main field of cultural activities of Confucius Institutes and is one of the core influences of the brand in San Marino Confucius Institute. After two months of training, the teaching work of volunteer teachers have been recognized by the students, which laid a foundation for the comprehensive development of Chinese teaching in San Marino.