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A Teacher of School of Performing Arts--Dr. Zhou Dongying Won the Outstanding Dissertation Award in the 4th Dissertation Selection Activity for Masters and Doctors in Musicology by Chinese Music


Recently, Chinese Music, a journal sponsored by China Conservatory of Music, published the results of the 4th Outstanding Dissertation Selection for Master and Doctoral Students in Musicology held by its editorial department in the second issue of April 2023. The work of Dr. Zhou Dongying, a youth teacher of Music Education in School of Performing Arts, entitled From Palace Entertainment to National Ritual Music: The Performance and Implication of Music for Royal Banquet Play in Beijing in the Mid-Qing Dynasty, was awarded the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in the category of "Ethnomusicology and Traditional Music Theory". The full text of the work will be published in a subsequent issue.

Chinese Music (bimonthly) is a music theory journal sponsored by the China Conservatory of Music, and is a core journal of Arts in the Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI), Chinese Core Journals Overview of Peking University, and AMI Comprehensive Evaluation Report of Chinese Humanities and Social Science Journals. The purpose of the journal is:"In the field of music, to study Chinese traditional music culture and practical problems in social music life, to carry out academic theoretical activities, to bring music workers and lovers together, and to promote the development of national music culture." Therefore, this dissertation selection activity closely followed the purpose of the journal, respectively for six relevant disciplines: Ethnomusicology, Chinese Traditional Music, Chinese Ancient Music History, Chinese Modern Music History, Music Education, Composition Theory Research, aimed at discovering the outstanding findings in dissertations of the master and doctoral students in Musicology in the national colleges and universities, and to promote the innovative development of Chinese music theory research disciplines.

The award obtained in this selection showed the theoretical research level of youth teachers of Music Education in School of Performing Arts, and also presented the good results of the School in cultivating the scientific research ability of youth teachers, which played a positive role in improving the theoretical research ability of Music Education major.