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The 2nd “Creative Design and Integration of Arts and Crafts” Innovative Bazaar Activity of School of Fine Arts and Crafts Was Successfully Held

On May 17, the second "Creative Design and Integration of Arts and Crafts" innovative bazaar activity of School of Fine Arts and Crafts was successfully held. This activity is composed of four sections:"Painting Co-creation", "Pottery Experience", "Creative Quiz" and "Commonweal Class".

In the section of "Painting Co-creation", students painted on a 10-meter scroll, using their brushes to show their love for the country, and to convey their wishes for the prosperity of our motherland.

In the "Pottery Experience" section, the students managed to make pottery works with different characteristics and shapes through trying various pottery techniques of rolling, shaping, kneading, rubbing, patting, pulling, etc.

In the "Creative Quiz" section, students learned more about Chinese traditional crafts and arts through question and answer activity with fun draws.

In the "Commonweal Class" section, students made a variety of kinds of handicrafts with colorful clay and enjoyed great fun in the activity.

The creative bazaar activity provided students with an opportunity to exercise their social skills and show themselves. Through the sale of original handicraft works, the activity promoted the comprehensive use of resources and skills demonstration, guided students to establish a correct concept of development, values and consumption, and cultivated their traditional Chinese virtues of being realistic, diligent and thrifty, and accumulating wealth through hard work.