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Aesthetic Education Center Held a Master Lecture on “Jade Carving of Beijing Eight Imperial Handicrafts”

On May 17, the Aesthetic Education Center held a Master lecture on "Jade Carving of Beijing Eight Imperial Handicrafts" on Shunyi Campus. The lecturer was Prof. Cui Qiming, Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts, Master of Chinese Jade Carving, and with the title of Beijng Municipal-level Grand Master of Arts and Crafts, Beijing Model Worker and postgraduate supervisor of BCU.

During the lecture, Cui Qiming systematically explained the concept of jade, the similarities and differences between ancient and modern jade carving and techniques of this craft, as well as showing the audiences how to identify jade on the spot. Combining his own experience in the jade carving industry for more than 40 years, Cui Qiming encouraged students to observe the details in life and emphasized on cultivating their design ability and sense of creativity. Students actively asked questions based on their understanding of jade culture, and the atmosphere was warm. Students also expressed their aspiration to carry forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture, constantly strive to be a man of great culture and enhance their cultural confidence.

The Aesthetic Education Center will continue to carry out various forms of artistic and humanistic exchanges and collaborations to make more students experience the beauty of art, explore their own artistic potential, enhance their aesthetic awareness and competence, thus promoting the flourishing development of aesthetic education and forming a campus cultural atmosphere for students' comprehensive growth.