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The School of Education has established a professional internship base in collaboration with Fangchengyuan Primary School

On April 25th, Pro.Xu Huangshang, director of the Department of Education of The School of Education, led a team of three to Fangchengyuan Primary School in Fengtai District, Beijing, to discuss and sign an agreement on the establishment of a professional internship base. Pro.Xu Huangshang, and Pro.Chen Li, the principal of Fangchengyuan Primary School, as well as the relevant personnel responsible for practical teaching from both schools, participated in the event.

At the meeting, Pro.Chen Li welcomed the arrival of the delegation from the School of Education and accompanied them to watch the school's sports activities during recess. She also introduced the school's teaching conditions, faculty qualifications, characteristic curriculum development, and internship program for students. Pro.Xu gave an overview of the School of Education's elementary education program, faculty construction, student sources, student cultivation, and program characteristics. Both parties conducted in-depth exchanges regarding post-internships, scientific research and cooperation, project learning, and sharing educational resources, ultimately reaching a preliminary agreement and signing a professional internship base agreement.

Fangchengyuan Primary School is one of the first schools in Beijing to meet the national standard for compulsory education management. It is also a pilot school for Sports and Opportunities in the Asian region, a Chinese Football Association Campus Football Base, and a Campus Baseball Activity Base. It is known as the most influential elementary school brand in Beijing. The establishment of a professional internship base provides an important platform and support for the development of The School of Education's primary school education program, student professional internships, and teacher teaching and research.