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Chao Bai Shu Xue Lecture Series was held on the topic of Chinese character analysis in ancient literature

Recently, the themed lecture in ancient literature as part of the Chao Bai Shu Xue Lecture Series organized by the School of Education was held on Shunyi Campus. The lecture was given by Pro.Liu Zhaojian, the panel member of China National Arts Fund and Associate Researcher. Pro.Zhang Zhanli, Director of the Calligraphy Department of the School of Education, and hundreds of calligraphy major students and teachers attended the lecture.

Pro.Liu has published over 60 academic papers in publications such as Guangming Daily, Chinese Calligraphy, and China Literary Review. He has also published an academic monograph titled Rectifying the Vulgar and Correcting the False: A Study of Chinese Character Analysis in Calligraphy. During the lecture, he conducted a thorough analysis of issues in ancient books and inscriptions, such as homophonic substitution, vulgar characters, taboo characters, erroneous characters, simplified characters, ancient and modern characters, and differentiated characters, based on his research results. He also provided a detailed explanation of textual problems encountered in calligraphy creation, such as the mixing of traditional and simplified characters, the confusion of similar characters, and the displacement of radicals of Chinese characters. The lecture had both academic depth and strong practical significance for calligraphy, and received unanimous praise from the teachers and students present.

This lecture has provided students with a deeper understanding and comprehension of the usage of traditional and simplified characters, which can inspire them to think deeply about the evolution of Chinese Character. It also offers good assistance for students to solve problems related to character selection in calligraphy creation.