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The School of Public Administration successfully held a mock court competition

On May 11th, the School of Public Administration held the final round of the first Xinyue Cup Mock Court Competition with the theme Observing the Details to Resolve Disputes and Uphold the Justice of Law on the Hangtiancheng campus. The competition invited Judge Qin Pengbo and Judge Meng Xiangdong from Haidian District People's Court, as well as Associate Professors Li Yanling and Li Hui from the Department of Law, as judges. Nearly 80 law students from the classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022 participated as observers.

In the simulated court competition, students actively formed teams, with a total of 48 students and 16 teams participating. After intense competition in the preliminary, semi-final, and final rounds, , two teams eventually advanced to the final. In the final, the teams fiercely debated the focus of the case, with wonderful arguments emerging one after another.

After the competition, Judge Qin Pengbo, Judge Meng Xiangdong, and Teacher Li Hui reviewed and commented on the accuracy of legal application, reasoning and expression, and legal document standardization with comprehensive and accurate evaluations. They fully affirmed the students' active preparation and serious attitude towards the competition, and highly appreciated the development of practical teaching activities in our university.