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Aesthetic Education Center Held a Master Lecture on"The Beauty of Traditional Crafts"

On May 10, the Aesthetic Education Center held a master lecture on "The Beauty of Traditional Crafts" on Hangtiancheng Campus. The lecturer was Prof. Li Chunke, master of Chinese arts and crafts, representative inheritor of ivory carving (a national intangible cultural heritage craft) and postgraduate supervisor of BCU.

During the lecture, Li Chunke introduced the history and process characteristics of ivory carving, the material characteristics of ivory, the Chinese view of materials, as well as the similarities and differences between Chinese and Western aesthetics, and then showed the students classic ivory carving works. He shared his 59-year of skill inheritance and his long-lasting affinity with ivory carving craft so far, and told the students about his precious creation experience and insights on ivory carving. He especially mentioned that carving works require patience and meticulousness, and the need to work on every detail, and encouraged the students to constantly innovate, learn and explore in their own professional fields.

Li Chunke's vivid lecture brought students a wonderful feast of ivory carving craft. The students realized that an excellent traditional craft master should not only have superb skills, but also have the attitude of striving for perfection, the spirit of constantly pursuing excellence and breaking through themselves, and more importantly, have the sense of responsibility and mission to inherit and promote the national culture. The students are determined to carry forward the traditional Chinese crafts and make their own contributions to the development of Chinese culture.