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Teachers and Students Majoring in Landscape Architecture of School of Urban Construction Went to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region to Carry out Comprehensive Practices in Landscape Architecture

From April 24th to 28th, teachers of School of Urban Construction led the students majoring in Landscape Architecture of Grade 2020 and Grade 2021 to carry out comprehensive practical activities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

On April 24th, teachers and students went to Beijing Jingshan Park and Beihai Park to carry out the first practice lesson: Respect the central axis, create a new world -- the planning and design of Beijing Jingshan Park and Beihai Park.

From April 25th to 26th, the team went to Chengde Summer Resort to carry out practical activities. Mr. Chen Dong, chief engineer of Chengde Cultural Heritage Bureau, gave the team a comprehensive explanation of the history and culture of the royal gardens in terms of garden architecture, paving, landscape pattern and plants.

On April 27th, the team went to Tianjin to carry out practical activities. Mr. Wen Jiaxin, the leading architect of ZOO Architecture Design Office, introduced the culture of Tianjin historic district to the team from the historical and cultural background, overall spatial pattern and architectural features of Tianjin Wudadao District. After the visit, teachers and students went to ZOO Architectural Design Office for project exchange. Combining with the recently completed landscape project, Wen Jiaxin showed the students various problems and solutions that may be encountered during the implementation of the project, and guided the students to learn the current situation and future development trend of the industry.

On April 28th, the team went to the Summer Palace for the last stop of practical activities. Dr. Bai Xueyue from Beijing Forestry University taught the students and teachers about the Summer Palace, a typical representative of the Three Hills and Five Gardens royal garden culture, from the aspects of traditional architecture and landscape pattern.

This series of activities is the practical part of the course Comprehensive Practice in Landscape Architecture. Through on-site experience, mapping, sketching and writing research reports, the students fully learned the planning and design methods of Chinese royal gardens and the protection methods of historical and cultural districts, laying the theoretical and practical foundation for becoming excellent landscape architects in the future.