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School of International Culture and Communication and Beijing Sci-Tech Report Jointly Built an Internship Base

Recently, School of International Culture and Communication (SICC) and Beijing Sci-Tech Report held a school-enterprise cooperation meeting on Hangtiancheng campus of Beijing City University, signed an agreement to build an internship base and discussed the direction of future collaboration. Prof. Li Jiayi, Director of SICC; Ms. Ma Ning, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Beijing Sci-Tech Report; Ms. Ruan Fan, Director of Editorial Department of Science and Technology Communication; Mr. Fang Yongzhen, director of New Media Department; Dr. Zhang Xinyuan, Deputy Director of SICC; Dr. Liu Pei, Head of Department of Communication of SICC; and Deng Xingjun, Associate Professor of Department of Communication of SICC, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Prof. Li Jiayi introduced the school's talent cultivation plan, school-enterprise cooperation and other related situations. Ms. Ma Ning highly affirmed the talent cultivation plan and introduced the current main businesses of Beijing Sci-Tech Report, as well as its positioning and demand for media talents. Both sides also had in-depth communication on talent needs, internship and employment of students, school-enterprise cooperation and other matters, and reached consensus on their collaboration. Beijing Sci-Tech Report has sent an internship program notice to SICC, which involves several internship positions including editorial assistant, video editor, as well as new media editor. Beijing Sci-Tech Report will provide one-to-one professional guidance for the interns from SICC.

The co-establishment of internship base with Beijing Sci-Tech Report is an active exploration of combining theory and practice, uniting school and enterprise, adapting to the needs of social development and cultivating applied talents.