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School of Information Technology held a workshop on Huawei ICT professional skills certification

On April 14th, the School of Information Science and Technology held a Huawei ICT professional skills certification seminar. Mr. Ni Kai from Beijing Bohai Information Technology Co., Ltd. gave a talk on the new ICT talent requirements and future workplace competitiveness in the digital age. All computer major students participated in the event.

The seminar was divided into two sessions according to the ability system and employment needs of students in different grades. The first session was presented by Mr. Ni Kai, who analyzed employment direction, future career planning, required professional abilities and requirements for lower-grade students. The second session focused on analyzing employment trends and workplace needs for higher-grade students, especially regarding their concerns about Huawei ICT certification. During the lecture, Mr. Ni actively communicated with the students and provided professional advice and suggestions on issues related to the employment trends in the cloud computing industry and ICT skills certification.

This workshop helped students fully understand the gap between their own abilities and future workplace needs, as well as the ability requirements that enterprises have for university students, which improved their self-skills learning and adaptability to the future workplace.