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San Marin Confucius Institute brought Chinese Kung fu into the university

The professional martial arts course in the University of San Marino brought by San Marin Confucius Institute is officially delivered on Tuesday and is quite popular among teachers and students. So far, 36 teachers and students have signed up.

The course closely integrates Chinese martial arts with the knowledge of human biomechanics, the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine, and Buddhist philosophy. Combining theory with practice, students are full of interest, looking forward to the subsequent complete 21 Tai Chi movements meditation and fitness Qigong, the application of deep meditation and Taoism in daily life and martial arts battle.

This is the first time that the San Marino Confucius Institute provides the Chinese martial arts course at the University. The 12-week course, taught by the Italian local Chinese martial arts teacher Alberto Benedusi, is a typical representative of Chinese kung fu going to the world.