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The papers of teachers and students from the School of Economic Management were selected in the 2022 Tsinghua Cultural and Creative Forum

On November 5, the 2022 Tsinghua University Cultural and Creative Forum was successfully held in Tsinghua University. Pro.Yan Huang, a teacher of Cultural Industry Management and his student, Zhang Yufang jointly published the paper A Study on the Culture Innovation Construction and Development of Beijing Grand Canal - A Case Study of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park (Tongzhou Part). They are invited to deliver an academic report at the sub-forum Traditional Culture Innovation and National Image Construction.

In this academic report, Zhang Yufang introduced the background of the construction of National Cultural Park, and outlined the existing problems in its construction. By taking the Jiangsu Grand Canal National Cultural Park as an example, including Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Development Foundation in Jiangsu Province and the Canal Cultural and Creation Design of Ten Views of the Canal, Zhang Yufang put forward practical suggestions on the construction of the Beijing Grand Canal National Cultural Park. Then Pro.Yan Huang made corresponding additions to Zhang’s speech.


Pro.Guo Wanchao, Director and Researcher of Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Research Center, commented that the topic is highly implementable with novel perspective. He hopes that it could continue to strengthen theoretical construction and practical interpretation from a multidisciplinary perspective, and keep Chinese cultural heritage alive, promoting creative transformation and innovative development of traditional culture.

The professional team of cultural industry management said that it will continue to explore in depth, and focus on the goal of establishing cultural self-confidence and building a strong cultural country. It aims to create a cultural industry management major with unique characteristics of BCU, which is highly city-university integrated and campus integrated.

Tsinghua Cultural and Creative Forum is a cultural and creative industry cooperation and exchange conference, co-sponsored by the School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University and the Institute of Cultural and Creative Development of Tsinghua University. Since its establishment, the forum has been successfully held for six consecutive times. The organizing committee has received a total of 93 papers from fields in Government- Industry-University-Research-User-Capital. After selection, only 33 authors were invited to share their experience and research in the sub-forum, which is the first time for teachers and students from BCU to participate in.