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The Confucius Institute at University of Guadalajara has successfully held a teaching workshop for Chinese and Mexican Chinese language teachers

In order to promote the communication between Chinese language teachers of China and Mexico, and to better carry out Chinese teaching activities, the Confucius Institute at University of Guadalajara has recently held an online and offline teaching workshop for Chinese language teachers. Wei Shuhua, the Chinese director, three Chinese teachers and six Mexican teachers participated in the event.

In the activity, Wei Shuhua pointed out that under the new teaching mode, the use of teaching software and tools is an important means to carry out teaching, and the introduction of Internet tools in the teaching link has an important significance and role in increasing the interest and interactivity of teaching.The 9 teachers who participated in the activity introduced Flippity, Wancai animation masters, inchanese, Tiny Tap and other software or small programs respectively, and showed their use of vocabulary, grammar and listening in Chinese language teaching, and discussed their use in the teaching links such as review and testing.

This workshop promoted the communication and interaction between teachers from China and Mexico, discussed the characteristics and teaching methods of Mexican students, and achieved the expected results.