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Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources and the Effects Lecture at University of Guadalajara

On June 10th, Dr. LI Da from School of Biomedicine, Beijing City University (BCU) were invited to give a lecture on "Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources and the Effects" to the local residents in Mexico.

This lecture focuses on the effects of TCM resources, Dr. LI listed the types, quantity, and shape of TCM resources, and introduced the commonly used TCM resources and the place of production. In order to enhance the understanding of Local residents on TCM resources, Dr.LI listed the common traditional medicinal plants in the surrounding areas of Mexico, such as century plant and erberry, which further enhanced their understanding of TCM culture, and achieved good cultural communication and exchange.

Jorge, a student from University of Guadalajara, said: I like the traditional Chinese medicine culture very much. This lecture made me know that there are also many local medicinal materials in Mexico. TCM is a profound discipline and I hope to know more in the future.