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The first “King of Words” Challenge Cup Competition was successfully held

In order to improve students English proficiency and communication ability, and create a good atmosphere for cultivating international talents, the International Affairs Office launched the Words Learning Camp from March to May. A total of 775 students from 10 schools participated in, with cumulative number of punch-in exceeding 20,000. The "King of Words" Challenge Cup Competition is held once a semester, being the summary activity of the Words Learning Camp.

On June 7th, the Office held the Second King of Words Challenge Cup Competition online. After signing up and selection, 40 competitors took part in, with more than 700 audiences from different schools watching this game. It is richly designed, apart from Answer Round for competitors, Buzz-In Round are also set for audience with the topics centered Chinese traditional festivals. After fierce competition, three students, from School of International Culture and Communication, School of Biology, won the Award of Excellence. Seven students come from 5 different Schools won the Award of Pioneers. The gifts are the Cultural Creations of our university.

It is reported that the enrollment of Summer Online Learning Camp is ongoing, providing more opportunities for students to improve their English proficiency.