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"Welcome Winter Olympics and Improve Physical Fitness"23-Day Workout Challenge

"Welcome Winter Olympics and Improve Physical fitness" 23-Day Workout Challenge was organized by the International Affairs Office from November to December, 2021, together with the School of International Culture and Communication, including the different exercises of walking, running, skipping, cycling and so on. 

As soon as this activity was launched, it received wide attention and active participation by our foreign teachers, who also cheered for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Maxime Paul Romain Westbrook from UK said, “As the Winter Olympics approaches and is coming to the city I get to work and live in it reminds me of the first reason I came here. In 2015 Beijing and China were developing into a centre for many areas: economy, culture, sport and many other things. This was what excited me most about living and working here. It had and still has a lot of potential. It’s growth in the last 6 years has been huge. I feel that the arriving Winter Olympics is yet another example of that growth. The eyes of the world are once again watching Beijing and they too will be able to see the changes and development of this city and country.” 

Barlow Daniel Alan from USA expressed, “I've always been a sports enthusiast because athletes are a clear example of how much can be achieved with hard work and determination. For this reason I am excited for the upcoming winter Olympics in Beijing, which is practically my home. I am confident that Beijing will show the world that it is a majestic, welcoming and safe city. I am hopeful that this event will convey a powerful message of unity and cooperation between countries and people!”

Many foreign teachers who showed great interests in sports emerged in this activity. Kaneki Yuko from Japan, Sebastien from France, Max from UK and Daniel from USA have successfully completed this challenge. The foreign teachers combined work with rest, while exercised their physical body and relaxed their mood. More fitness activities will be held by International Affairs Office in the future semesters.