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Chinese Traditional Culture: Snuff Bottle Inner Painting


In order to strengthen foreign faculty’s understanding and learning of Chinese traditional culture, International Affairs Office organized foreign faculty to visit Mr. Huang San’s Studio, who is the arts and crafts master from School of Art and Design in BCU, to learn snuff bottle inside painting on April 30th.


Mr. Huang San introduced the origin and history of the inside painting of snuff bottles, and talked about how he fell in love with snuff bottles and his creation experience of inside painting for more than 10 hours a day during the past 30 years. Afterwards, the foreign faculty visited the snuff bottle works and derivative works of the snuff bottle in the studio. Master Huang showed the techniques of snuff bottle inside painting while foreign faculty imitated his work Bamboo. Then the best painting work of foreign faculty was selected by master Huang.


Josephson Debra Meryl,  an English teacher, commented on master Huang as a genius master of snuff bottle interior painting, expressing her love for interior painting works and admiration for interior painting masters.