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Traditional Chinese Cultural and Sports Workshop has been successfully held for Foreign Teachers in BCU by International Affairs Office

On April 29th, 2019, the International Affairs Office held the traditional Chinese cultural and sports workshop for the foreign teachers working in BCU. This workshop focuses on the traditional Chinese sports Kongzhu, and especially concentrates on the skills of playing Kongzhu.

The International Affairs Office invites two professional Kongzhu teacher from Kongzhu Association in Beijing, who have learnt playing Kongzhu for more than 10 years and have been participated in many national Kongzhu competition, to demonstrate and guide the foreign teachers to practice. They display the professional ways of playing Kongzhu and attract the attention from foreign teachers. With the guidance, our foreign teachers patiently practice for nearly one hour and then successfully accomplish a few actions in the end, winning the praise from all teachers and students.

The foreign teachers express their enhanced understanding on and interest in playing Kongzhu through this activity. Monica, one of our foreign teachers, says that thanks to this activity, she would take time to practice playing Kongzhu after work to enrich her free time and learn more about Chinese culture.