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The Foreign Teachers’ Teaching Experience Sharing Session was Successfully Held

On June 17th, 2019, the 2018-2019-2 term review meeting was successfully held by the International Affairs Office for the foreign teachers working in BCU. The Deputy Director of the School of Foreign Studies, Miss LIU Jiaoyue, and the Deputy Director of the International Affairs Office, Miss LI Xuemeng were invited to the meeting. All the foreign teachers and other relevant Chinese teachers attended the meeting.

During this term, all foreign teachers are actively engaged in the teaching work, the extra-curriculum activities (including English corner, speech competition, video shooting activity, cultural communication activities, etc.), and the professional development of the major, which are shared and summarized on the meeting. Meanwhile, one of the excellent foreign teacher Ms. KANEKI YUKO is invited to share her own experience of how to effectively use teaching materials in class.

This sharing session provids inspiration for other teachers in their own teaching and provides a platform for all teachers to negotiate and communicate, as well as enhancing the good relationship between foreign and Chinese teachers.