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The original drama created by School of Performing Arts won he Gold Prize at the Global Final of Busan International Arts Festival

Recently, the 61st Busan International Arts Festival (BIAF) opened in Busan, South Korea, and the original drama The White Pillow of the first Qitai Customized Acting Class of School of Performing Arts of BCU won the International Gold Award of Drama Unit in the BIAF Awarding Ceremony after winning the award in the Prism Mini Theatre Festival 2023.

The White Pillow is an original drama created by the first Qitai Customized Acting Class of School of Performing Arts. The playwright, director, actors and other workers of the play are all from the team of teachers and students of the Class, with the teachers Dr. Li Peng and Dr. Su Na completing the playwriting and performance guidance, and Dr. Zhang Zhonghuan and Dr. Zhou Yuanshen completing the lighting design and original music composition. The work perfectly combines modern theater theory and practical skills, and demonstrates the in-depth exploration and innovative research on performing arts by the team of teachers and students of the customized acting class.

The BIAF Busan International Art Festival is a prestigious international art event with the theme of "Better World" in 2023. A total of 1,187 works from 74 countries (regions) including China, South Korea, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia were shortlisted.

Winning the Gold Award in the Drama Unit of Busan International Art Festival demonstrates the professional strength of BCU Qitai Culture, Film and Art Institute in school-enterprise cooperation to cultivate theatrical talents and promote artistic innovation. The Class will stick to the concept of educational innovation, constantly take the frontier of international art education as the standard, provide in-depth art education according to each student's characteristics, and cultivate more young artists who are excellent in conduct and academy to the industry to create more original art works of high standards.