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Beijing City University held the 2023 Graduation Ceremony

On July 8th, the 2023 Graduation Ceremony of Beijing City UniversityBCUwas held at the Shunyi Campus. University leaders, heads of various schools and departments, faculty representatives, alumni representatives, parent representatives of graduating students, and nearly 7,000 graduates of 2023 participated in the ceremony. The ceremony was livestreamed on four platforms simultaneously: WeChat Video Account, Douyin (TikTok), Bilibili, and Weibo. The image livestream platform provided real-time high-definition images of the exciting moments at the scene.

During the celebration, teachers and students presented heartfelt performances for the graduates, including poetry recitations of Hello, BCU, Goodbye, BCU, sports dances of Until the End of the World and a group singing of songs. These performances conveyed farewell emotions and best wishes to the graduates of 2023.

President Liu Lin delivered a sincere message to the graduates who are about to embark on a new journey. He gave three sentences to the graduates: "You have had four years of university life that is different from your predecessors, but your past performance has impressed us. You are outstanding, and we have every reason to love you more. We firmly believe that you will become our future pride!" "Your youth is in your hands, and only you can decide your future. As long as you truly work hard and take it seriously, you will definitely achieve what you desire and become the best version of yourself." "We hope you will come back often. We are here waiting for you, and alma mater will always welcome you with open arms."

The ceremony concluded with a resounding chorus of Sing the Motherland. During the celebration, there were also special activities such as a meeting with outstanding graduates, degree awarding ceremonies organized by each school, and group photos with president.