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BCU was awarded the fourth "Chinese Arts and Crafts Masters' Inheritance and Innovation Base Institution" plaque

July 17-19, 2023 Chinese Arts and Crafts Masters Work Conference was held in Yichun, Heilongjiang, with more than 300 representatives attending. At the meeting, Beijing City University (BCU) was awarded the title of the fourth "Chinese Arts and Crafts Masters Inheritance and Innovation Base Institution" and received the plaque.

In order to deeply implement the "China Traditional Crafts Revitalization Plan", to strengthen the cultivation of arts and crafts talents, and to promote the inheritance and innovation of arts and crafts, the China Light Industry Federation (CLIF) carried out a new round of selection of institutions of China's arts and crafts masters' inheritance and innovation base institutions in April 2023. Prof. Chen Qiurong, Director of School of Fine Arts and Crafts took the lead in declaration, and BCU stood out from 75 participating institutions and was finally awarded the plaque.