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"School-Enterprise Cooperation, Double-Hundred Plan" Both-Side Visit Activity Initiated by China Association of Higher Education Was Conducted in Beijing City University

On May 21, "School-Enterprise Cooperation, Double-Hundred Plan" Both-Side Visit Activity initiated by China Association of Higher Education in 2022 was carried out in BCU. The expert team conducted on-site visit and discussion of the nominated case "Innovation and Practice of New Engineering Talent Cultivation Model of Computer Science Based on Industrial College with Iteration and Spiral Progression" of BCU.

Prof. An Liqiang, member of expert group and Director of Academic Affairs Office of North China Electric Power University, Ms. Xia Tian, Executive Manager of Shanghai Peiyun Education Technology Co., Ltd, Mr. Pan Guowei from Business Development Department of China Association of Higher Education, Prof. Hu Liqin, Vice President of BCU, Ms. Yu Jie, Director of Academic Affairs Office of BCU, Mr. Yue Xiwei, CEO of cooperative enterprise Huike Education Technology Co., Ltd,  Mr. Yu Dongzhen, technical industry expert of Ali Cloud Computing Co., Ltd, Prof. Wang Hui, Dean of School of Information Technology, Prof. Zhang Mingchun, and Prof. Liu Xuemei, attended the meeting, and the meeting was hosted by Prof. Wang Hui.

On behalf of the school, Prof. Hu Liqin expressed a warm welcome to the experts visiting BCU. She introduced the orientation of the school and the mode of cultivating applied talents to the experts, focusing on BCU’s experience and practice of school-enterprise cooperation in talent cultivation and deepening the integration of education and industry to serve regional economic development over the years.

On behalf of the expert group, Prof. An Liqiang introduced the background and requirements of the Both-Side Visit Activity. Wang Hui, the person in charge of the case, introduced the construction of the case project, and the representatives of the cooperative enterprises answered the questions of the experts on the spot.

After the meeting, the experts visited Alibaba Cloud Big Data Faculty on site and had a discussion with some teachers and students. The expert group fully affirmed the nominated case of BCU and put forward valuable suggestions for BCU to further promote the running mode and experience of school-enterprise collaborative faculties.

The "Double-Hundred Plan" was first launched by China Association of Higher Education in 2019, aiming at building a bridge of cooperation between schools and enterprises, constructing a dialogue and exchange platform, and forming a mechanism for the both-side visit of schools and enterprises. "Double-Hundred Plan" in 2022 has been launched since September 2022. After the qualification examination, online selection and research of the Institute, 359 nominated typical cases were selected. In addition to the case of School of Information Technology, "A study on the cultivation of school-enterprise collaborative applied talents of translation based on 'Translation Studio' "of Prof. Guo Rui from School of International Culture and Communication, and " 'Three Integrations' and 'Three Chains' between Schools and Enterprises Connect Aviation Service Art and Management Professional Talent Cultivation Mode" were also nominated as two typical cases.