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BCU was Invited to Attend the Inauguration Ceremony of Global Consortium of Metropolitan Universities (GCMU) and Presidents’ Forum

On November 24th,Executive Vice President, Prof. Tian Peiyuan was invited to make the keynote speech on the Presidents’ Forum of GCMU with a theme of Strategic Collaboration among Metropolitan Universities. Officers from Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region Education and Youth Development Bureau, Presidents from East China Normal University, Shenzhen University,Guangzhou University, Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Tamkang University(TKU), and universities from Japan, South Korea and Malaysia are invited to attend the Forum.

The topic of Prof. Tian Peiyuan’s speech is High-quality development of metropolitan universties. Under the frame of the GCMU, she suggests to set up groups for each specialties to have better communications, organize communications among youth teachers, establish student exchange programmes, and actively collaborate with universities in the  consortium and organize the students competitions with the theme of the City, better serving the urban development. Her speech aroused warm response and extensive discussion among the participants.

BCU will continue strength the collaborations with City University of Macau. With the platform of GCMU, along with other city universities, BCU will keep exploring the approach to realize the common development and prosperity for the city and the university.