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The First Maple Leaf Cultural Festival of Beijing City University success

On November 3, the closing ceremony and awarding ceremony of the first Maple Leaf Cultural Festival of BCU was held in the Chaobai Lecture Hall on Shunyi Campus. Pro.Gong Yu, Chair of University Council, , and Pro.Qin Shiyou, Vice Chair of University Council and Vice President, attended the closing ceremony.

This year's Maple Leaf Cultural Festival includes three parts: the City Maple Cup - Campus Photography Competition, the Hua Feng Cup - Cultural and Creative Works Design Competition, and the Golden Maple Award - My Favorite Teacher. The closing ceremony starts with the singing of I Like, which reviews of the Maple Leaf Cultural Festival and displays the winning works.

Golden Maple Award - My Favorite Teacher is the most exciting part of the Maple Leaf Festival. Since its launch in early October, all classes have participated in the recommendation process. After schools’ evaluation, 25 teachers have entered the university-level preliminary review, and 12 teachers have been shortlisted for online voting. In one day's voting time, a total of 13,473 people participated in. Finally, ten teachers were successfully selected as My Favorite Teacher in the first Golden Maple Award of BCU.

They are respectively Ms.Wang Zhiyao from the Students’ Office of School of Performing Arts, Ms.Hu Anran from Graduate School, Mr.Zhang Chao from the Students Office of School of Art Design, Ms.Chen Jiaqi from School of International Culture and Communication, Mr.Yu Lei from School of Economic Management, Ms.Zhang Wenxiao from School of Public Administration, Ms.Zhao Ziqiao from School of Education, Ms. Zhao Pei from School of Education, Ms.Wang Xuehan from School of Biomedicine, Pro.Guo Yingjiu from School of Information Technology.

The first Maple Leaf Culture Festival attracted extensive attention and participation from teachers and students. Everyone ignited creativity and showed talents, appreciating the beauty of maple leaves and carrying on the spirit of BCU. And everyone will continue to create a hard-working, enterprising, positive campus culture atmosphere with fiery passion, indomitable will, and selfless character.