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BCU Gained Success in the 2nd Teaching Innovation Competition

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission announced the list of winners of the 2nd Teaching Innovation Competition for teachers in Beijing universities, and all the four teams of BCU won prizes. Among them, Ma Jing team from the School of Urban Construction won the first prize (Associate Professor Group), Cheng Wei team from the School of Information Technology won the award of excellence (Professor Group), Zhang Yin from the School of Performing Arts, and Zhu Hui team from the Department of Public English Teaching and Research won the awards of excellence (Lecturer Group).



BCU Awards in the 2nd Teaching Innovation Competition


Course Name





Site Design

Ma Jing

Associate Professor

First Prize


Operating System

Cheng Wei


Award of Excellence


Commercial Picture Finishing

Zhang Yin


Award of Excellence


College Art English

Zhu Hui


Award of Excellence


The competition is hosted by Beijing Municipal Education Commission and organized by Beijing Institute of Technology, Peking University, Renmin University of China, China Agricultural University and Capital Normal University. Closely following the theme of "promoting teaching innovation and cultivating first-class talents", it guides university teachers to devote themselves to teaching and education, and creates a vane of teaching reform in universities.

In recent years, BCU has adhered to the fundamental task of cultivating people, focused on curriculum construction, promoted the reform and innovation of education and teaching, and achieved remarkable results. BCU will take this opportunity to launch the "2022 Beijing City University Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition", to promote the specialty construction, teaching, research and innovation through competition, to stimulate teachers to update their educational concepts, reform their teaching mode, optimize their teaching content, and innovate their teaching methods, and to cultivate high-quality teachers to participate in the high-level competition.