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Sino-Foreign Cooperation Education Programme Jointly Run by Beijing City University and University of Warwick in Project and Programme Major Gained Extension Approval from Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China

It is reported that the Sino-Foreign Cooperation Education Programme jointly run by Beijing City University and University of Warwick in Project and Programme major passed the evaluation from Ministry of Education of the Peoples Republic of China, and gained extension approval to Dec 31st, 2030.

This programme was officially launched in Chinese mainland in 2013, and has been highly valued by the State Council and Ministry of Education of China. In 2014, the first batch of students were enrolled into the programme. Up to now, the programme has enrolled students for consecutive 7 years, and 56 students have successfully graduated. This programme provides students with   first-class academic atmosphere, cutting-edge business consultation and close team collaboration, aiming to further enhance students' leadership and strategic thinking, and cultivate global governance talents with cross-cultural management ability and win-win cooperation concept practice.

Founded in 1965, the University of Warwick is one of the top teaching and research universities in UK. As a member of Russell Group, Warwick has ranked top 10 in UK since its establishment. It has won an excellent academic reputation in Europe and even the world, with a global employer reputation and a high employment rate of graduates. In the 2022 QS World University Ranking list, the University of Warwick ranks 61st in the world. In the same year, Warwick ranked 6th in the Guardian ranking list, two places raised from last year. In addition, Warwick is named Best Teaching Quality University of the Year and University of the Year Runner-up by The Times and The Sunday Times, UK. This is a high recognition of the University of Warwick in teaching quality, satisfaction, graduate employment rate and school investment in students.