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Staff from School of Urban Construction Attending Launching Ceremony of Restoration Project of Former “Tongxinghe” Carpentry Shop Site of Jingcheng Group

From January 12th to 13th, Professor Meng Yuan, Director of the School of Urban Construction, Professor Zhang Weihua, Deputy Director of the School of Urban Construction, and some teaching faculties of the School were invited to attend the launching ceremony of restoration project of former Tongxinghe Carpentry Shop site of Jingcheng Group. They visited the special exhibition and made special reports at the seminar.



This special exhibition set up a VR experience area, co-organized by the School of Urban Construction, BCU. Visitors can use headset VR glasses to experience the disassembly and assembly of traditional roof models and bracket system. The teachers and students team used lidar to collect data inside the former site of Tongxinghe Carpentry Shop, and adopted professional software to form the virtual space experience model finally.

At the seminar, Professor Meng Yuan shared the updated BCU teaching mode by adjusting student training objectives to adapt to the old town protection goal. Professor Zhang weihua, made a special report of Digital Technology in Old Town Protection, and shared cases of the lidar, BIM, VR virtual display in historical building repair and protection as well as the public culture education, which was highly praised by the participants.


This activity is an important achievement of the cooperation between BCU and Beijing Jingcheng Group. The School of Urban Construction will take this opportunity to actively participate in the renovation of buildings with historical features, and strive to practice the requirements of the integration of industry and education. 

“Tongxinghe” Carpentry Shop was established in the 15th year of Emperor Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty, and was once famous in the capital. In the 1920s, it developed to peak, and built a two-story mansion as a storefront where nowadays No. 3, Jinyuchi Middle Street stands. The mansion is a two-story building of brick and wood structure. The overall size is quite appropriate, looking grand and delicate. It integrates various masonry techniques and exquisite detail carving, being the rare combination of craft and aesthetic architecture in this region.