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2021 Sino-German Cultural and Academic Exchange Activity

Recently, the 2021 Sino-German Cultural and Academic Exchange Activity in the School of Education of BCU was successfully held after nearly five months of preparation since July, 2021. Teachers and students from AHS Siegen, Germany, as well as School of Education, BCU, together with Principal and teachers from Qunying Kindergarten-the cooperative institute of the BCU off-school internship base, all participated in the activity.


At the opening ceremony, Professor Zhou Jianhui, Director of the School of Education, BCU, said in her speech, “This Sino-German Cultural and Academic Exchange Activity has been held for 10 consecutive years since launched in 2010. It provides a platform for teachers and students from two countries to have in-depth communication. I hope the academic activities can be explored in a more in-depth approach to continue enhancing respect, understanding and identification in cultural values among teachers and students in two countries.”

With the theme of "Preschool Education Teacher Training: Theory and Practice", this activity was conducted in three stages through online and offline interaction, namely Education and Cultural Micro-video Production, Micro-video Observation and Learning, and Preschool Education Teacher Training Forum. In the stage of micro-video production, teachers and students combined educational theory with practice through group video shootings to deepen professional knowledge, with 36 micro-videos in total. In the micro-video observation and learning stage, both sides understood each other's education, teaching, practice and cultural characteristics through online observation and communication. At the teacher training forum, the two sides held five special seminars and had in-depth exchanges and discussions on theories and practices and culture related to education and preschool education between the two countries.

This activity expanded the international vision of the teachers and students of the School of Education, enabled both sides to have a deeper understanding of each other's educational theory and practice, culture and values, and enhanced the friendship between the teachers and students of China and Germany. At the same time, it also laid a foundation for the School of Education to improve the specialty construction and student cultivation level.