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Attention of Authoritative Media on the Research Results of China Urban Management Report (2021)

In December 2021, Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Base Think Tank Report Series- China Urban Management Report (2021) (hereinafter referred to as the Report) was published by Social Sciences Academic Press (China). The Report is edited by Professor Liu Chengshui, Chief Expert of BCU Capital City Environmental Construction Research Base, together with the Executive Editor Ji Wenyan, Party Branch Secretary of the BCU Scientific Research Department and Base Researcher, relying on the First Ring Base. It is one of the blue book series sponsored by BCU and has been published for 8 consecutive years since 2012.



The Report focuses on urban management level evaluation of four municipalities directly under the central government, 27 provincial capital cities (capitals) and five separate cities from the perspective of management based on urban practice, analyzes and explores urban society, urban economy, urban environment, urban science and technology innovation management, urban infrastructure and other aspects. It is a comprehensive and innovative beneficial exploration of urban management theory and practice. In the special topic chapter, the blue book, under the background of the 14th Five-Year Strategic Plan, conducts a classified topic research on the green development of Beijing under the background of "double carbon", the efficiency and optimization of urban land use, and the public space optimization of areas with high-density in Beijing.

Since its publication, the Report has attracted great attention from many authoritative media, and many media such as Guangming Daily, China Education Daily and China City Daily have conducted relevant reports simultaneously.