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Spring Festival Celebration in San Marino Confucius Institute

In the evening of January 31, local time, San Marino Confucius Institute held the Spring Festival celebration. Representatives of teachers and students attended the event.

During the activity, the teachers from the Confucius Institute shared the legend and custom of Spring Festival, They mentioned the origin of Spring Festival and gave an introduction of customs, such as pasting the Spring Festival couplets, having the New Year's Eve dinner, watching the Spring Festival Gala, sending red envelopes, and giving best wishes on this day. The students of the Confucius Institute had a full understanding of the Spring Festival. Later, the teachers of the Confucius Institute organized the students to paste Spring Festival couplets and make dumplings together, and had a happy New Year's Eve.

Diego, the student from the the Confucius Institute, said that he was very happy to participate in the Spring Festival celebration, which made him feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture in the thick festive atmosphere.