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"Master Studios of Employment Guidance in Beijing Universities" of BCU

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau held the "2022 Beijing University Graduates Employment and Entrepreneurship Conference" on December 9th, 2021, in which a series of employment ability training projects for university graduates initiated by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission were awarded. Among them, "A Date with Growth" master studio of Beijing City University was approved and listed into the first batch of "Master Studios of Employment Guidance in Beijing Universities".



In the selection of these master studios, 41 studios from 33 Beijing universities, and BCU’s master studio stood out due to many years’ accumulation of employment work experiences. Over the years, BCU has always attached great importance to the student employment, and especially during the pandemic, it has vigorously promoted the employment of all students and ensured the high employment rate. By continuing to select a number of employment guidance counselors inside BCU, as well as expanding the online career planning education and consultation through university employment information platform, Employment Office of BCU will make persistent efforts to advance the career development education work of students more accurately and deeply, in order to help students grow up in an all-round way and achieve higher quality employment.

In the conference, representatives from Beijing City University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Capital Normal University and other universities received the awards altogether.


The first batch of "Master Studios of Employment Guidance in Beijing Universities" includes 16 master studios, and they are from the following universities:


Beijing Institute of Technology

Tsinghua University

Beijing Foreign Studies University

Peking University

Beijing Jiaotong University

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Beijing University of Technology

Capital Normal University

China Agricultural University

University of Science and Technology Beijing

University of International Business and Economics

Central University of Finance and Economics

Central Academy of Fine Arts

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Beijing City University

Beijing Polytechnic College