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BCU held the Summary Meeting for Online Chinese Language Program

On December 17,2021, the online Chinese Language Program in BCU was successfully finished and we held a summary meeting. Ms.Wei Shuhua, the Chinese director of the Confucius Institute at University of Guadalajara, the international students and the teachers from the International Affairs Office attended the activity.

This program is a whole-semester language program. On the basis of Chinese language courses, according to the current characteristics and development trend of China-Latin America relations, BCU has given full play to the characteristics and advantages of majors in business, supplemented by lectures in the fields of trade with China. The aim is to help international students have a comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture, and lay a foundation for their future study in China.

Lalo, an Mexican trader, believes that this program is both opportunities and challenges for him.It was not easy to learn, but when he finished, he was pleasantly surprised to find that it had improved his understanding of Chinese and Chinese culture, and he hoped that he would have the opportunity to participate in more courses and activities in the future.

Julia, the international student from University of Guadalajara said, " I really like this course, which helps me learn a lot of sentence, grammar and daily expression in Chinese. I also learned more about Chinese culture and economy.This program has made me more confident in daily speaking of Chinese.”

At the end of the course, the international students submitted video homework on reciting Tang poetry and singing Chinese songs, showing the improvement of their Chinese level.Finally, BCU awarded the certificate of completion to those who had completed, and encouraged them to continue to study Chinese and Chinese culture. The Summary meeting ended in a happy atmosphere.