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BCU Leaders Visited the Volunteers and Actors of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Paralympics

On November 19th, GONG Yu, Chair of the University Council of BCU, Qin Shiyou, Vice Chair of University Council and Vice President of BCU, came to the gym in Shunyi Campus to visit the volunteers and actors at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games who were under training at that time. Yang Peiyu, Chair of the Study and Work Committee of BCU, also attended the visit. Yang Lu, Chair of the Communist Youth League Committee of BCU, and the relevant responsible staff attended the activity and reported relevant work.

Visiting the scene, Secretary Gong Yu showed s licitude for the teachers and students, and affirmed their efforts. He pointed out that standing on an important historical point of the new journey of the founding of the Communist Party in China, volunteers and actors should improve professional skills to do a good job in the service guarantee of the Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games, therefore to show the BCU's excellence to the whole country and the whole world in the following Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games service guarantee work.


Vice Chair Qin Shiyou showed great concern for volunteers and actorsexperiences in the process of preparation and training, and encouraged everyone to be not afraid of hardness or challenges, to cherish the opportunity to serve the national event, to inherit and carry forward the accumulated valuable experiences and fine traditions of BCU teachers and students over the years in large national activities service guarantee, and to successfully complete the task.


The school leaders prepared and distributed the warm gift packages to the volunteers and actors, and reviewed the rehearsal progress. The care and encouragement from the school leaders encouraged everyone, and they expressed that they would continue to work hard, cherish the opportunity, and complete the guarantee task with high quality.